About Vidion

Vision. Storytelling. Results.

Vision Through Video

Vidion was created from a mashup of 'Vision' and 'Video'.


Our mantra is to assist you to Share Your Vision Through Video.

At the heart of your vision is a story.


We'll help you identify that story and bring it to life through video, a simple, powerful way to broadcast your vision to your fans/employees/customers and the world!

​Dave Johnston - Founder of Vidion Productions














My interest in storytelling through video started with the simple idea of recording the life stories of the elders in my family...my parents, aunts & uncles.

I wanted to hear their stories from them first hand, and preserve them for future generations.

Video interviews were the perfect vehicle to achieve this.

From this initial spark, I established Vidion Productions to create video content for a wide range of businesses & not for profit organisations across the Gold Coast, Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast.

I'd love to have a chat about your ideas for your next project, so please feel free to get in touch!

Dave Johnston